What is Managed Print Service (MPS)?

Managed Print (MPS) is simply a unified approach to the management of office equipment such as printers, scanners, and copiers.

What does an MPS Provider do?

An MPS Provider consolidates various aspects of print device operations including:

  • Equipment Selection

  • Supply Management

  • Maintenance

  • Functional Support

How can an MPS provider help me?

According to Gartner "The Subscription Economy" is a growing trend as businesses are opting to subscribe to services rather than purchase products.

When it comes to printing equipment and supplies businesses often find that the cost of owning can get out of control without close management, and the reality is that most companies do not know how much they spend on printing.

Subscribing to a Managed Print Service can:

  • Drive down print and supplies costs

  • Improve office efficiency and productivity

  • Decrease paper waste

  • Reduce IT support workload